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Parkgrills (charcoal grills)

Are you looking for the perfect bonfire grill (charcoal grill) with a long life, which is both aesthetic and functional? Then you have come to the right place! On our website you will find a large selection of great grills in a timeless design! We are experts in providing quality equipment for outdoor barbecue experiences, and our bonfire grill and charcoal grill are no exception.

With our grill, you will get everything in one – the heat from a normal fire and the cooking properties of a grill. The bonfire grill therefore functions as a cozy gathering point.

NordicOutdoorDesign develops and produces safe grills for public parks, playgrounds, beaches, kindergartens, sports clubs, scouts, harbours, campsites, landowners' associations, urban areas, etc. We have a large selection to suit every need. Our bonfire grill is resistant to theft and vandalism and can withstand high loads. The grills can either be removed and or secured with concrete in the ground.

Most charcoal grills, bonfire grills and box grills have an adjustable or pivotable (rotating) grill grate. Our NielsenOutdoor bonfire grills (outdoor kitchen) is characterised by a very high finish and many functions. Grills from the Backyard Company are characterised by being theft- and vandal-proof; thus particularly suitable for public parks, marinas, housing associations, shelter spaces, etc. The range consists of bonfire grills in different sizes and designs, so that they suit every need.

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Park grill (charcoal grill) with height-adjustable grate

A20 and B24 are theft- and vandal-proof parkgrills (charcoal grills) with integrated grates perfect for parks. The grill grate can be infinitely adjusted in height and tilted backwards. This freestanding grill is available in 2 sizes. A side shelf and grate scraper available.

Sku: A20B24
€643.10 €803.88
Park grill (charcoal grill) with grate and lid

Theft- and vandal-proof outdoor grill (charcoal grill) with grate and lid (closed). This free-standing grill has a height-adjustable grill grate. The park grill is suitable for harbours, housing associations, campsites, etc. 2 sizes available: Q20 and Q24.

Sku: Q-20/24
€643.10 €803.88
Wheelchair accessible grill (parkgrill) with swivel grate

Theft- and vandal-proof fire pit (camp fire kitchen) with swivel grate in strong black-painted steel. This grill is wheelchair friendly and particularly suitable for shelters and public parks. Ø81 and 61 cm.

Sku: FSW-30/24
€1,070.93 €1,338.66
Wheelchair accessible grill (fire pit) with grate (tilting grate)

Wheelchair accessible grill (fire pit) in steel with grate. The grill grate rests on the fire ring and can be tilted backwards. Theft- and vandal-proof campfire grill, which is also suitable for handicapped users. Ø81cm x h45cm.

Sku: FS-30
€905.30 €1,131.63
Outdoor grill (charcoal grill) with grate in chrome or stainless steel
Outdoor grill (charcoal grill) with grate in chrome or stainless steel

ORIGINAL bonfire grill (charcoal grill) on legs with a grate in chromed or stainless steel. This charcoal grill in ø80 cm is transportable and the grate can be adjusted in height with a winch or manual hoist. Several sizes availabel. Danish quality and design.

Sku: NOBG800
€710.15 Special Price €887.69 Regular Price €1,005.05

The charcoal grills and park grills are made from durable materials and designed to give the best barbecue experience. They are easy to clean and can be used to grill everything ranging from meat to fish and to vegetables and cheese.

NordicOutdoorDesign's range includes a large selection of light, solid high-quality products and large swing grills, bonfire grills, park grills and grill grates.

Our theft- and vandalism-proof models from the Backyard Company are particularly suitable for public spaces, parks and shelter spaces. Nielsen Outdoor Solution is one of Europe's largest manufacturers of bonfire equipment. Here, Danish quality and design are combined with robust Danish blacksmith traditions. The majority of our range is produced at the factory on Funen.

It is possible to order our bonfire grills, outdoor kitchen, park grills and charcoal grills in virtually all sizes, variants and shapes.