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Campfire sets and grill grates

Are you looking for high-quality fire pits (campfire sets), swing grills, or grill grates for a bonfire site? Then you have come to the right place!

We are specialists in providing quality fire equipment for outdoor use, and our range of fire pits, swing grills, and grates is no exception.

Our fire pits (campfire stands or sets) are made of durable materials and are designed to give you the best experience at a campfire, in the garden, park, or shelter. We have swing grills that are fixed in place and portable fire pits that are easy to assemble and take on a trip.

Our separate grill grates (campfire grates) are made of ordinary raw steel (chrome-plated) or stainless steel and are designed to give you the best grilling experience. They are easy to clean and last for many years.

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Campfire cooking stand (swing grill) with grate and turning handle

Theft-proof one-man camp fire cooking stand (swing grill) perfect for shelters and with a strong grill grate on a column for casting. The height of the grate is infinitely adjustable using a handle on the carriage spindle. Grill in strong steel and for public use. Grill grate: 80 x 50 cm.

€629.68 €787.10
Swivel campfire grill with grate and column for casting

Campfire swivel grill (swing grill) with strong height-adjustable grate (grill grate). This campfire set has a grate with a handle and a column for casting. The grate measures 60 x 46 cm. For garden and public fire pits.

€254.15 €317.69
Campfire cooking set (swing grill) with grate in stainless steel

Transportable campfire stand (swing grill) in stainless steel with swivel arm and height-adjustable grate for a fire place in the garden, institution or shelter. This campfire set consists of a ground stake, arm, wire and ø60 cm fire grate in chromed or stainless steel. Viking pan and wok available. Danish design.

€251.47 €314.34
Transportable grate (grill grate) for fire pit, fire tray and fire ring

Grill grate with handle in strong steel. The fire grate fits most fire places and fire rings. A practical and solid grate for the campfire. 93 cm x 40 cm

Sku: DIG-U1
€254.15 €317.69

NordicOutdoordesign offers sturdy and practical fire pits (campfire set) and swing grills for bonfire sites made of raw steel, black-painted steel, and stainless steel, as well as grill grates in stainless and chrome-plated steel.

A fire pit (campfire set) is a practical setup that can be placed over the fire. The column (arm) ensures a stable option for hanging a pot, wok (fire pan), Viking pan over the fire, or mounting a grate over the fire. With a good fire pit (campfire set) from NordicOutdoorDesign, everything needed for an outdoor kitchen is available – and with a good campfire set, which includes both a wok, Viking pan (frying pan), and grate, it is possible to create larger menus at the bonfire site (campfire).

The fire pit is suitable for outdoor cooking that goes beyond regular grilling and fire dishes like popcorn, campfire bread, and foil-wrapped packets. A swing grill can be used over both fire and charcoal. The pole (column) is buried or cast into the ground next to the bonfire site, and the grate swings over the fire. The height can be adjusted by raising or lowering the grate on the pole.

Maintaining our swing grills, fire pits (campfire sets), and grill grates is easy. They are all made of extremely durable materials that are both heat and weather-resistant. We recommend using a grill brush to clean the grate and remove food residues.

In addition to fire pits, swing grills, and grates, OutdoorDesign also offers a bonfire bench (campfire bench or wooden bench). If additional warmth is needed, we also have a fireplace (outdoor stove or garden stoves).

Everything is primarily from our own production in Denmark and stocked in our own factory.